A New Startup

Home page for dataGig.co

The first website and branding for an exciting pre-seed startup. DataGig is creating a marketplace that connects data science projects with data scientists.

Elite Health & Fitness Provider

Landing page for Thompson Exercise, an upscale sports trainer in Connecticut

Client had no online presence so we created a complete project: website, logo, content, SEO and social media. I had requested a few testimonials, but we received over thirty amazing endorsements from long-time customers. So the site was designed around this 'social proof', with a focus on vibrant health, camaraderie and a unique expertise.

Upscale Spa

Landing page for JeanAcuna.com, an upscale skin spa in Austin TX

Client had an out-of-date WordPress site that didn't exemplify her unique skills. We created a beautiful website makeover with new content and a fresh logo.

Event Site

Landing page for a gathering for Austin Radical Faeries

Website for a non-profit group, which captured event sales that exceeded projections by 45%.

Shopify Store

Young man in jeans walking a bike

Mockup for a basic Shopify online store using their templating tools.

Site Re-Design

Karmapond website re-design

Design project to update the web site for a startup.

Promotional Video

Woman paying for lunch with a credit card

I wrote, designed, shot and edited this short video for a software startup.

Photo of Chuck Phipps, Web Designer

Chuck Phipps

I help small businesses transform their relationships with customers.

A beautiful new online presence sets the foundation for transforming your business. Here's how to get there:

We switch our thinking from that of a transaction-based company to a transformational one. Meaning, we focus on how your business helps your customers on their personal journey to become healthier, wealthier or wiser.

Achieving that comes from looking at what your customers really want -- a bigger picture than the features and benefits that your product or service provides. Then, your company becomes an agent and facilitator of the transformations that people want in their lives.

The results of this focus are repeat customers who are devoted to your product, who help you build a strong brand, and insulate you from competitive replication.

Not all businesses are transformational. But if you see yours as a means for not only becoming more sucessful, but ultimately helping people create better versions of themselves, then I can help.

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