Event Site

Landing page for Austin Radical Faeries Gathering

A website for a non-profit group, which utilized a template from Zyro.

Delightful Products

Landing page for a little project called delightful products

A practice project containing a little information about my favorite topic.

Shopify Store

Design for a basic Shopify store

Mockup for a basic Shopify online store using their templating tools.

Site Re-Design

Tursus Software site re-design

Design for the refresh of a WordPress site.

Tribute to Jony Ive

A Code Pen project

A CodePen project to pay homage to one of the world's great designers.

Promotional Video

Promotional video for Tursus Software

I wrote, storyboarded, shot and edited this short video for a software startup.

Photo of Chuck Phipps, Web Developer

Chuck Phipps

I'm a product manager in Austin TX who believes in constant and continuous learning. So naturally, learning to code presents the perfect environment for challenge, frustration, discovery, and -- when something finally works the way you invisioned -- total joy.

Because I also love art, design and architecture, web-based coding pulls me like a beacon because it's visual, spatial and colorful. Even with these starter projects (above), I like pushing my capabilities to try and make them visually appealing and containing the best UX I can come up with.

My Goal:

Become a Designer Who Codes.

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